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“When you get right down to the root of
the meaning of the word “succeed,” you
find that it simply means to follow through.”

— F. W. Nichol

When you have those days where you’re not feeling it, how do you get it done? I’m sure I’m not alone. Maybe you’re a bit tired and lacking some restful sleep, or maybe you’re tired of sitting at the computer, or dealing with frustrating issues, or maybe you just don’t feel like it. What do you do when you need to get something done? How do you motivate yourself to get in there and take care of business? Or, how do you generate inspiration out of thin air?

Of all of the things that I’ve had to deal with, this is the most challenging and it happens every week–although, it moves around a lot and I can never depend on it staying put. . .

I deal with this in a number of ways and pick and choose as I see fit. Often, I just take a break. I’ll go sit down in my comfy chair, put on my headphones and my favorite meditation CD and listen to the rain falling while I zone out for a few minutes. Then, I go back to it and often that is refreshing enough. Other times, I might go for a walk, or pick up a book I’ve been reading and read for a while. It is usually some kind of little escape to get my mind going somewhere else for a bit, and that seems to work most of the time so I can succeed by following through.

Then, there are sometimes where I am taking it much too seriously and I need a longer break from it to get a better perspective. A few things I even might ignore and see what happens. Interestingly enough, sometimes, ignoring them has them run for cover and never come back. I think I would like that to happen more often!

Then again, when it comes right down to it, I can see that following through not only the right thing to do, but the necessary thing.

Taking A Breather Can Be Really Helpful Sometimes.

Spread Some Joy Today–Take a joke book you really like to work and when you’re not feeling it, read a bit from that book. Laughter will change it.

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