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“Any action that is taken 
from a place of lack 
is always counterproductive, 
and it always leads to more 
of a feeling of lack.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

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[Classic post from 8-20-15]

This morning I was thinking about the subject of money and looking at some of my life and my attitudes about money and my results in my relationship with money. I opened one of my top ten favorite books of all time, Money and the Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks on the Teachings of Abraham. Only part of the book is about money, part is on careers and work, part is on health and well-being, and part is general knowledge. It is an absolute wealth of great and wise information and the most marked-up and highlighted book I own. So, I thought I would share just a few tidbits from pages 64 and 65 that resonated with me.

“The things that you have and the things that you do are all meant to enhance your state of being. In other words, it’s all about how you feel, and how you feel is all about coming into alignment with who-you-really-are. When you tend to your alignment first, then the things you gather and the actions you perform only enhance your good-feeling state of being. . . but if you do not find that vibrational balance first and attempt to make yourself feel better by bringing more things into your experience or participating in more activities in order to try to make yourself feel better, you just get further out of balance.”

I grew up learning about credit and debt. Credit was good, and debt was bad. And, it took me pretty much a lifetime to realize that they are one and the same thing. Debt does not exist without credit and credit has no value without debt. Having credit allowed us to get things, but the debt often was a burden. They are neither good nor bad and are actually neutral, and the only meaning given them is the meaning we apply individually and collectively. I chose to feel good about credit and bad about debt, yet that became a cycle that was not self-serving and didn’t feel good really. I thought it would feel good, but it felt terrible most of the time.

They continue, “We are not guiding you away from accumulating things or from taking action. . . but when you try to move forward from an imbalanced footing, it is always uncomfortable. If you will begin by identifying how you want to feel, or be, and let your inspiration to accumulate or to do come from that centered place, then not only will you maintain your balance, but you will now enjoy the things you gather and the things that you do.”

“Most people do most of their wanting from a place of lack. They want things, in many cases, simply because they do not have them, so the having of them does not really satisfy anything deep within them because there is always something else that they do not have. And so, it becomes a never-ending struggle to try to bring one more thing (one more thing that still will not be satisfying) into their experience: Because I don’t have this, I want it. And they really think that getting it will fill the void. But that defies Law.”

They say that the void they are feeling cannot be filled from a place of lack because that feeling is due to a “discord between their desires and their chronic habits of thought.” I know in my own case, my habits of thought were in control most of the time.

Of course, they offer the solution as well: “Offering better-feeling thought, telling a different story, looking for positive aspects, Pivoting to the subject of what you really do want, looking for positive what-ifs–that is how you fill that void. And when you do, a most interesting thing will occur in your experience. The things you have wanted will begin to flood into your experience. But these things you have been wanting will flood in not to fill your void because that void no longer exists–they flow in because your void no longer exists.”

What is different for me now? I no longer worship credit, nor despise debt. I’m much more neutral about them now. They don’t drive my life anymore. I am focusing on feeling good, looking for positive aspects all around me, pivoting, telling myself a better story about myself and my life, learning what I really want instead of those thousands of things that I have bought that don’t mean anything to me. Now I play with getting into alignment first and have let go of making decisions based on my feeling of lack. And, it feels really good. Really good. 

Thank Goodness That It Is Never Too Late To Learn. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting go of habits that no longer serve you.

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