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“When I think about creating abundance, 
it’s not about creating a life of luxury 
for everybody on this planet; 
it’s about creating a life of possibility. 
It is about taking that which was scarce 
and making it abundant.” 
— Peter Diamandis, 
founder, and CEO of the X-Prize Foundation 

[Classic post from 12-23-14]

We are all natural choosers. If everything we wanted and needed was just given us at will without our even asking, there would be no value and no life either. Trying to change the world so that everyone has luxury would kill the world. When people decide on their own, or with some inspiration from others that they want luxury, they will find it.

As natural choosers, we all have talent and abilities and even more important than this, we all have the capacity. I would call that capacity an abundance. We all have an abundance of possibilities within us along with an abundance of capacity to respond to that as we focus our intent from our desire.

The value of a teacher to me is to inspire within me the desire that is inborn and allow that desire to see just enough light down the tunnel that it piques interest and intent. “Words don’t teach. Life experience teaches,” as Abraham often says, but words do have the power to inspire should someone be nearby hearing them, or reading them. With even the smallest amount of inspiration as a seed, what then becomes a life experience or movement toward that experience is the holy grail of return for the teacher, and the joy of student and teacher.

People rise to the occasion from places of the utmost despair and challenge. We never know the depth and breadth of the power within inspired people. Take a candidate who may not be the image of the perfect candidate and give them the opportunity and just enough inspiration, and it is amazing what they can do. Everyone responds in their own time, and if we don’t give up on them; if we stick with them and out of love stand near and ready to serve, their spark will ignite a grand display that continually extends their possibilities.

Here’s To Everyone’s Own Unique Possibilities! It May Not Feel Like A Gift, But It Is A Gift. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Enjoy a few moments of awe and wonder today. It will change your entire day for the best.

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