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“Travel is a bigger challenge 
when we’re chained to a post.”

— Albert K. Strong 

Ever seen an animal chained to a post? Whatever the length of the chain or rope is the limit of the travel in any direction. Of course, that’s the whole idea in this situation. We want to limit the movement of the animal for one reason or another, often for the safety and security of the animal and people nearby. But, it’s kind of sad to see it when the animal wants to roam, as watching a bird in a cage, which I think is one of the silliest things you could ever do to a bird.

In some ways, we are all chained to a post. We may travel a bit farther, but it is still dramatically limiting. And, I think that we also do it to preserve our own safety and security, which is the solidity of the post, as we play around with the length of the chain which is our beliefs, our view of the world and ourselves in it, our habits, and our awareness.

This limitation–the length of the chain–is always self-inflicted, and the solution of either lengthening the chain or removing it entirely is always within our immediate power. We may not believe that which is one of our self-inflicted limitations, but that only hides the truth, and yet the truth is there for us to uncover as we will.

Can I excel at this job? Can I get a great job without a college education? Can I become a millionaire? Can I work out of my home instead of going to a job location? Can I travel the world for my career having a life of adventure? Can I own my own business? Of course! These and several million other ideas are entirely possible. One way to know that is to ask if anyone is actually doing this now? If they are, it is entirely possible for us as well. In fact, even if they weren’t, we could be the first. There’s nothing like being a pioneer.

Our chain is mental and physical. It is created in our mind and expressed physically in our lives. This causes us to think that the limitation is real and that it comes from the outside. It’s the town I live in, the economy at the moment, my lack of educational documents, the crutches I walk with, the wheelchair I live in, the job I have, not having experience, and more. Yet, it is none of that in reality. Those things are only physical expressions of our mental state. They are our self-imposed limitations which cause us to feel as if we truly are chained to a post.

Our escape from this is easy and hard. It is easy because we are the answer and we are right here. It is hard because we have to change. No matter how upset we are where we are in our limitations, there is a certain comfort in the known, and we can, as animals often do, give up trying to break through the limitation and accept it as it seems to be, becoming complacent within it. Escape is the unknown and our fear of the unknown can also help us stay within our known and accepted realm. But, there is a whole new world right on the other side of our current view.

Step one is having a desire to change. Step two is making the decision to change. Step three is to see the change as we want it to be. Step four is to do our best where we are until the coast is clear. The horizon will come into view. Patience is helpful. When the horizon is in view, move toward it.

Just knowing that this chain that we feel is of our own creation, is a triumph worthy of celebration. We are unlimited beings. We have all potential and possibility before us, along with bolt cutters at hand to free us from the post.

We Only Think The Post Is Solid Because We Stopped Trying To Pull It Out Of The Ground. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting go of your self-imposed limitations on your available joy.

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