Daily Inspiration 1-5-16

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“When I look at the rainbow, 
I find myself the center of its arch, 
but so are you, 
and so is the man who sees it 
a mile from both of us. 
So also, the globe is round, 
and every man therefore 
stands on the top, 
King George 
and the chimney sweep 
no less.” 

— Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Though our ego often says differently, we are not better or more worthy, nor is any in the world better or more worthy when it comes to how God, or the Universe, or All-That-Is sees us. Though we may have different education levels (while on this planet, at least), different skills, and different ways, that only shows that each of us is unique. It also shows that each one of us is special and valued. Take to your heart your specialness. Delight in your unique offerings, views, and ideas.

There Isn’t Anyone On This Planet That Is Better At Being You, Than You. You Are Worthy Of Anything You Can Imagine. You Are Lovable And Equally Loved By God. 

Spread Some Joy Today–What joy lies in the discovery of your own value.
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