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“How you interpret 
the current event 
determines how 
the next event 
will turn out.” 

— Alan Cohen 

Negative emotion is a wonderful indicator or tool for change, or it can be a debilitating detriment and can even paralyze one. The difference is how long we allow the thought to stay with us. The longer it stays, the more the Law of Attraction will bring another and another and another. So, recognizing how we are feeling can give us the opportunity to interpret the event or what is going on causing this feeling, and by how we then interpret that we will determine how the next event will turn out.

It is so easy to see this in others. You may know someone who complains all the time. Never or rarely do they speak of positive things. You can see in them the Law of Attraction at work and it leading them on to the next event that will have them upset and then reacting to the event, they will offer more complaint, then more and more come rather quickly.

You may also know someone who has the exact opposite going on. They are loving life, always upbeat, take things in stride, rarely if ever complain. You can see in them the Law of Attraction at work and it is leading them on to the next event which will turn out well and they will have more to be grateful for and find more joy.

Most of us are probably in between these extremes. Sometimes things get us down and we may wallow in it for a bit, complain to our spouse and have them give us sympathy, share it with a friend and have them offer up justification and so on. Then, other times, we are joyful, enjoying things, feeling good. Though we may want to feel good more often, we’re not sure why these spikes of emotion are happening.

The main reason is that we are responding to what is. We are looking at “reality,” or that which is going on in front of us, or in today’s paper or on the news or an event that just occurred and so on. If what is in front of us is good, we feel good, and if it is not, we feel bad. That used to be me and I felt just like a pinball in a pinball machine bouncing from thing to thing with no control and no understanding of how to change it.

So here’s another tool I learned from Abraham-Hicks. It is called the Pivot Process, and it is a way to deliberately change to good feeling thoughts, or better feeling thoughts which in and of themselves leads to better feeling and more positive events.

As I pay attention to feeling a negative emotion. Maybe something struck a nerve in my memory bank and I find myself angry about something, or fearful of something and so on. As I realize that I am feeling this emotion, I know that it will draw more unto it as I ponder more of it. It is telling me that I have found something that I do not like and do not want. And because I have realized that I want to feel good as much as I can, I need to pivot from the negative emotion toward a more positive one.

The way to do this is to say aloud or to yourself: “I know what I do not want. . . what is it that I do want?” This alone automatically begins the change. Now focus on what you do want and think of that, speak of that, feel for that. They give a money example that is very common where someone says, “I never have enough money.” So, the opportunity for me is to say something different like, “I’m looking forward to having more money.” Can you feel the dramatic difference between these two statements. With the second statement, I am moving toward feeling better and that is exactly the goal.

Rather than focus on what is wrong or what is missing, realize the negative emotion, pivot, and move toward what you do want, how it will be when it is actually there, what you like or enjoy about it and so on. We can do this in an instant and I use it all the time now. It is a very powerful and incredibly simple tool for positive change.

Feeling Good Is Coming Into My Control. I Love How That Feels. 

Spread Some Joy Today–with your smile and your own good feelings.

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