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“Owning is not nearly as interesting
or exciting as wanting to own.”
— Albert Strong
I was looking around at many of my possessions, most of which are small, but make up space in numbers. I was thinking that most of them I haven’t even touched in years and would not really miss them if they were no longer here. That made me think of what is important in the things we own.
If there were an emergency of some kind where we had to evacuate fairly quickly, what would be important enough to want to take? Of course it may be different with a certain amount of time, right? So play the game with me if you feel like it. . . To keep the focus on possessions, I’ll say that the family is safe and away already, animals are out, and it is just you remaining. What would you take if you had an hour to get out of your house? What would you take if you had only 15 minutes? How about 5 minutes?
It seemed to me that the rest of it is rather insignificant.
I was thinking back to when I was 21 and just got married and lived off base in Delaware in the Air Force. We lived in a furnished 40′ trailer in a trailer park and we ended up leaving there for California with only one piece of furniture that we owned and I still have it and use it today, but all of our possessions fit in a small U-Haul trailer towed behind my car. Most of that was accumulated while we lived there however minimal. We weren’t really lacking anything important then, nor am I now, but there is a vast difference in the number of possessions.
I’m not thinking of getting rid of them and like many of them, but it is interesting to consider that they are not really very important after all. They just seemed important at the time.


How Did I Ever Live Without All This Stuff?
Spread Some Joy Today–Next time you watch a movie, watch all the credits and mentally thank each and every person listed for their efforts to bring you the joyful experience of seeing it. Realizing there are so many working to bring you joy is so cool.
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