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“Everything that you observe 
feels personal to you. 
And everything, in truth, 
is personal to you 
because you are offering 
a vibration about it 
that is affecting what now 
is being attracted to you 
by your choice of thoughts.” 

— Abraham & Ester Hicks 

As things seemed to happen to me, and as I observed things around me, I took many things personally. It was all real. There it was in my experience. I couldn’t deny it was there, and often when things happened that I didn’t like, it felt bad. Sometimes it felt awful. I might even feel powerless for a time, or at the very least much discouragement.

Often I would really get into those emotions and really get down. I remembered times when I got fired or criticized, times when my wife and I were struggling to feel good again, times when . . . and the list went on and on and on.

This was before I was even introduced to the Law of Attraction, yet once I was, I could now see all those scenarios for what they really were. I now see what was going on. As I learned more, I found that I could be empowered instead of powerless by learning to use the Law of Attraction for my benefit rather than watching it work against my benefit.

My thoughts are vibration. My emotions are vibration. My body is vibrating. My desk is vibrating. Everything in the Universe is vibrating. It is all energy in various forms. At first that word seemed strange to me, and now I get it.

Just as in music there are higher and lower vibrations, some very slow like the bottom end of the bass and some very fast or high like the chimes on a drum set. Negative thoughts vibrate at a lower level than positive thoughts, so I can even feel that in my mind and body as it is happening. If, that is, I am paying attention to how I am feeling.

I have fully embraced the Teachings of Abraham in that my emotions are my ultimate guidance system. As I pay attention to how I am feeling and I feel something bad, I won’t add any more energy to that, but make a decision that I want to feel better and move to a better feeling thought, then to another and another until very soon I am feeling good. The way they put it is this: “Once you decide that you care about feeling good, you will find it easier to more consistently choose a better-feeling direction in your thoughts.”

I want to feel good!

It is often more challenging when you are talking with friends, business associates, or customers. Someone will bring up a recent negative issue in the news and speak about how awful it was and talk of the things that are wrong about it, and then I feel the need to express something like it that happened in my life, or I might offer some more things that I think are wrong with that scenario, and as that gathers momentum, no one is feeling good. This used to happen all the time.

But, because I have decided that I want to feel good, I will bow out of those conversations quickly, or I will try to turn the conversation to what is good or right rather than what is wrong, and so on. If I can’t turn it or change it quickly, I will excuse myself and leave or go back to work or in some other way move away from the conversation.

I want to feel good!

It’s a simple decision and a most beneficial one. I get to choose. If I do not make a choice, I am still choosing by default and the results will be the way they have always been. The most powerful thing I have learned is that I can have a conscious decision to feel good and control my environment so that this is true as often as possible.

The New Foundation Of My Life Is Simply And Powerfully To Feel Good. 

Spread Some Joy Today–From that good feeling place, it’s all you can do.

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