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“There is a big difference 
between seriously looking for a solution 
and justifying the need for a solution 
by emphasizing the problem.” 

— Abraham & Esther Hicks 

I first learned about the concept of the Law of Attraction in April of 2007. Once I heard it and began to understand how it worked, I could see how it had been at work so many times in my life, and would have helped me so much to know so that I could make positive changes. Yet, life is a journey, and when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I wasn’t ready until April of 2007, but once I was, I opened the floodgates and found joy in my being.

I brought myself with me on that journey, so I had baggage so to speak. Old habits of thinking, doing, acting and reacting. Feeling sorry for myself wasn’t something I did all the time, but when I did, I could have gotten an Oscar. I was also an artist at blame. I grew up with it in my home, and I brought it with me into my own home. I became skilled at rationalizing, and I was a serious contender for the title in justification and defensive positioning.

It wasn’t all bad of course. It never is. I had love to share and I shared more of it as time went on. I had a lot of great qualities and yet, just like the news media, I had a propensity for negativity. It wasn’t just focused on others, as I had plenty for myself.

That’s over with. I still bring me with me, but I now have a propensity for joy and love and appreciation and I only minor in negativity and even then, I effectively deal with it from what I have learned and studied and used for the last several years.

For example, from Abraham & Esther Hicks: “Whenever you are defending or justifying or rationalizing or blaming anything or anyone, you remain in a place of negative attraction. You cannot be focused upon negative aspects and positive aspects at the same time.”

As I think about a negative thought, another is drawn to me by the Law of Attraction, then another, and another and so on. Yet, the opposite is equally true. As I think about a positive thought, another is drawn to me and another and another and so on. I know the difference by how I feel. If I am feeling tense, or angry or uncomfortable, I am thinking or speaking of something negative. If I am feeling love, joy, appreciation, enthusiasm, I am thinking of something positive that benefits me. The Law of Attraction doesn’t care which, it does an equally grand job with any thought. It doesn’t choose, but we can.

The value of knowing how I am feeling is to help me guide myself to where I want to go rather than where I don’t want to go. The value of this knowledge is that I can now actually use that as a tool to change what I am attracting to myself. I need to change my thoughts and when I feel better, I know it is working. When I am feeling good, I know I am back on track where I belong.

One method I learned which works very well is called the Book of Positive Aspects. Find a notebook that you like to write in. One of those spiral notebooks is perfect. Write on it, My Book of Positive Aspects. Then pick a subject you want to improve your feelings about. Write at the top of the page, Positive Aspects of __________. I used to write these about my wife and about my company, and people I might feel that I was not connecting well with. It could also be something going well that you want to rock instead.

Then simply start writing positive thoughts about that subject. Don’t force it, let it flow. As one thought is written, another comes more easily, then another is drawn by the Law of Attraction and pretty soon, you may have a whole page. When it isn’t flowing any more, stop for now.

I guarantee that if you were to try this one tool, it will benefit you in hundreds of ways. I love knowing that I have tools like this one to help me stay on the track of where I want to go and who I want to be. I’ll share more of these tools in the days and weeks ahead. Enjoy.

January Is Learning To Have More Control Month. 

Spread Some Joy Today–because you’re not the news media. You are love.

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