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“Our listening 
creates a sanctuary 
for the homeless parts 
within another person.” 

 — Rachel Naomi Remen 

My partner gives many more presentations about our Internet business package of services than I do. That’s his job and he does it well. But, sometimes I get to do it and stay in practice. So, a client and friend arranged a meetup with a potential customer whom I’ve never met, nor knew anything about. It was a very friend-oriented meeting.

This meeting lasted almost three hours. That’s unheard of. If it goes over an hour that is generally not good. However, often we are doing a lot of the talking probably. In this case, since I knew nothing, I wanted to know about him. I learned a lot about him as his business and him as a person, along with some ideas about him in the future.

As it was, I ended up talking about 20 minutes out of almost 3 hours. The power of sincere listening is unmistakable and also on the most desired list. So few take the time to just listen. It is an amazing way to learn. I could have been doing something else, but probably nothing nearly so important.

I loved this quote above about creating a sanctuary by listening. It is so true. When we give that space; that opportunity; that privilege of humanity, we are giving love in a special way. I know you know what I’m talking about because you have felt it when someone gives you that kind of sanctuary for your homeless parts. It may not happen often, or often enough, but you know the feeling, so it is a powerful reminder to give openly to those who are craving it.

I’m Not Convinced I Had To Talk At All. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Give the gift of attention. Listen. Be a joy-giver.

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