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“The most pleasant 
and useful persons
are those who leave
some of the problems 
of the universe
for God to worry about.”
— Don Marquis

[Classic post from 10-15-17]

Some years ago, I remember that at our church on New Year’s Eve the pastor would drag out a wooden four-foot high cross made of 4×4 post material. He would then suggest that we take a pen and piece of paper and write down something that we want to give to God to deal with so that we can let go of it and trust that the Lord would follow through. So everyone would write one or more things down and then take the hammer and a nail and nail the paper to the cross.

Everyone was relieved for at least a few minutes. The festivities of the New Year celebration perhaps had their attention for a while, but soon enough on the first day of the new year, one by one, people were taking their issues back and trying to figure out for themselves how it would be solved.

Trust is a malleable thing.

Recently, I was reminded of this past event and so wrote down on separate pieces of paper and laid them down at a makeshift altar feeling relief for minutes that it was no longer in my control. Minutes. Yes. No, I didn’t count how many. . .

I’ve written about my sign on my wall that has now been there at least 8 years that says, “What is MY job and How is GOD’S job.” It reminds me of Mike Dooley’s insistence that we avoid the cursed how’s at all times. How is the way we mess things up more than not, but what is always our job. Always.

I’ve written often about letting go of the rope of resistance too. Whenever we are in worry, dealing with how’s when they are truly none of our business is picking up that rope and pulling hard like in the old tug-o-war game.

Then, I looked at my sign and started laughing out loud. I opened my hands and visualized rope burns from my constant struggle in resistance even though I so recently gave all those self-perceived problems to God. Now, every time I feel tense, I look at the sign, look at the palms of my hands and laugh out loud at my silly insistence that I can control things better than God can. Seriously? Yes. Then I laugh some more.

Trust is a malleable thing.

And, practice is beneficial in trusting. Feeling tense? Let go of the rope. Look at your hands. See the rope burns that you are giving yourself. Picture you trying to take God’s job away by thinking that you have more resources. Total silliness, right?

I spend a good deal of my day letting go of the rope. The more I let go, the better things turn out.

Trust Is A Malleable Thing. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting God handle some of that load you’re carrying around. Breathe a little. Feel the peace in that. Pay attention to when you’re picking that rope back up. And don’t forget the ointment and gauze. . .

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