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“When you hire someone

who is bad at their job,

and you hang on to them,

it makes you bad at yours,

no matter how skilled

you think you are

at what you do.”

— Terry Minion

Business owners often just don’t pay attention to what the experience is like when people do business with them.

I revisited a business today that I had written off, but my wife wanted to go there to see a specific person. It is a dentist that I used to go to all the time and I refuse to go back myself. The main front gal is so bad at her job in my opinion that it is laughable. I really have no idea how good she is or isn’t at the tasks like filing, or the common things that go on, but she is terrible at customer interaction, bad at insurance issues and more. And this is extremely rare of me, but I sent the doctor a letter about it giving details and he never said a word to me about it.

So today, I came up with this quote and it is right on. You run a business and hire someone who chases business away and then you keep holding on to them? Bad business all around.

I’ve done it myself, though I shouldn’t admit it. In past dealings as a sales manager, I’ve hung on to people who were failing at what they did. When people are not improving, and you’re giving it your all, there is a time when it is not only appropriate to throw in the towel, but beneficial to them and you. Telling exactly when that is will be the only challenge.

I will add one thing to this. I have found that moving someone in house to a different position will often change a bad situation to a really good one. Sometimes we either misplace people or they misplace themselves. The front person for the dentist is badly misplaced in my opinion.

Find The Best People You Can For Your Business. It Makes A Difference.

Spread Some Joy Today–Buy someone a present and give it or send it to them as a surprise. You don’t have to spend much money. It is a gift of love.

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