Daily Inspiration 1-29-12

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“Allowing yourself to smile
takes 99% of the effort.”
— Simon Travaglia
I love this quote because it seems to be true and also because it points to the immense value of letting go of resistance.
For someone to smile, it is merely a matter of letting go of the resistance to it, and that is 99% of the effort to smile. When we are not in resistance, a smile would be totally natural, effortless and plentiful. Yet, many times we have a resistance to it for a wide range of reasons and circumstances. In allowing it to be by letting go, we are whole.
This same strategy and understanding then makes it easier to do a number of things that perhaps we have been avoiding, missing or wanting. As we focus on the circumstances and surrounding resistance, we are holding ourselves at bay from our desires, but by letting go, the power is instantly engaged and allowed.
Getting Out Of Our Own Way Is The Prime Directive.
Spread Some Joy Today–Allow that smile to be felt and seen openly!
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