Daily Inspiration 1-28-17

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“What if you could see the invisible, 
such as energy and vibration?” 
— Albert K. Strong


It is a scientific-given that at the most basic level, everything is energy and that energy is vibration. The things we see are these, and the things that we don’t see that are invisible to our eyes are these too. The vast amounts of space in between material objects, including planets, solar systems, galaxies, or the space in the room I’m in is also this. The difference is only in the level or speed of the vibration of that energy.

Without getting any more technical than this, I wanted to share some ideas that relate to what we do not see and yet have an effect on our lives and the lives of others near and far.

Thoughts are vibration. They have a certain frequency, which is essentially the speed of the vibration. We may think that our thoughts are contained within our heads, but they cannot be contained. Think of radio waves, television, cellular transmissions, and such. We don’t see any of that, yet it is there and it is moving away from the source of the transmission. It is in vibration at certain frequencies. One radio station broadcasts, or transmits at one frequency, let’s say 101.5 FM, and another at 88.7 FM and they are received by a receiver that is tuned to those frequencies. It would be crazy to receive all of those transmissions at once. Let’s call them individualized frequency transmissions.

Our thoughts including our incessant self-talk are being transmitted as we think them. They affect us as the transmitter and also because we are also a receiver, and yet we may think that we are in full control of where these thought transmissions go. We are not in control of that.

As we are communicating in person with another human, we are having an internal dialogue of thoughts. We may be expressing our thoughts about that person, what they look like, how their voice sounds, what they are wearing, and an infinite list of other details so fast that we couldn’t keep up with it if we tried. What we don’t think about is that our thoughts are being transmitted over distances far greater than our heads. Our thoughts are vibration and those vibrations are going out in ever-widening circles beyond ourselves.

But, here’s the essential part. Other people are transmitters and receivers just as we are, and so there are a lot of different frequencies of energy all around us all the time. This begs attention to what we may be transmitting, and that more so, than what we are receiving. We generally think nothing of this aspect of our communications.

As we are talking with another, what are we saying that is not coming out verbally? Is it kind? Egotistical? Lustful? Down-putting? Encouraging? Appreciating? Uplifting? In other words, what are we saying to them or about them that we are not saying with our mouths?

When we are talking with a prospect, customer, or any other, what are we saying internally that we are not speaking aloud? If we said what we are saying internally with our speech, would that uplift the other, or cause them ill?

Recently, I’ve given lots of attention to what I am saying that I am not articulating with my vocal cords. I find that this causes me to look for things to consider that are lifting the other up, offering them loving thoughts, appreciating their presence in this world by realizing that we are all one at the source and that all deserve love, respect, kindness, upliftment, empowerment, joy.

My Unspoken Communication Is Being Transmitted, And More Importantly, Received. Am I Good With What I Am Communicating? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by actually spreading joy, instead of that other stuff. The difference is easy to spot.

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