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“Silent Gratitude

isn’t much use to anyone.”

— G. B. Stern

I disagree with this quote, and yet, I get the point and it is a point worth making. I do think that silent gratitude is very powerful and I think it is most powerful for our own well being and peace, and expressed gratitude is so powerful that it is beyond measure. It shares that sacred space with love, enthusiasm and encouragement.

I want to tell people in a variety of ways how much I appreciate them or appreciate what they have done for me as well as for others. I respect and admire their partnership in my own creative experience, so letting them know that is such a natural thing. Yet, so often we think that it won’t matter, or we think we will bother them, or some other silly excuse. I have found that the truth is that they love hearing it, love receiving it, though it is certainly possible they are not used to receiving it.

It can be done as simply as a nod of the head or thumbs up unspoken, or as bold and wildly creative as walking up to them and telling them to their face! I like that way myself, though I wasn’t always that bold and had to practice for a time. Now, I do it all the time. I want people to know how special they are and how much I appreciate them. Sometimes they think they are just “doing their job,” but a well done job should be recognized–more so for the person doing the job than for the job done.

Reach Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Tell People How Much You Appreciate Them!

Spread Some Joy Today–How many have left a tip for the maid during a hotel stay with a little thank you note?

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