Daily Inspiration 1-27-12

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“Sometimes, in a summer morning,
having taken my accustomed bath,
I sat in my sunny doorway from sunrise
till noon, rapt in reverie.”
— Henry David Thoreau
When I read this quote, I read joy, and especially joy in the moment; drinking in the moments and enjoying oneself caught in a spirit of awe and wonder.
I think that the majority of my life I had almost none of these, and now I have them all the time; albeit, not necessarily from sunrise to noon. They last how ever long they last and I roll around in them with an effortless and joyful smile filling up my entire face. I feel full and overflowing, at peace with everything, loving every thing and every one. Maybe it lasts a minute, 5 minutes, or longer. It doesn’t matter.
It has nothing whatsoever to do with weather, for it works at any time, in any condition. The amount of money or possessions I possess doesn’t matter either.
What does matter, is that I pay attention!


And. . . Just ENJOY IT FULLY!
Spread Some Joy Today–What brings you to feeling joy? Make a list! Check it twice!
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