Daily Inspiration 1-26-12

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“You cannot overestimate
the unimportance
of practically everything.”
— John C Maxwell
What I love about this quote is how true it is. This and yet we disbelieve its truth by considering so many unimportant things important.
One thing really good to learn is that importance is a flexible and relative term. A great question to ask is how important is it really? How about compared to life or death? How about having 24 hours to live?
Now, if we have six months to live, that would change the importance of things as when we are 16 and immortal. As well, having six months would be different than having 24 hours and I wonder what is left that is really important having 24 hours to live? A hug? A kiss? Kind words of love? Anger?
Something to consider. . .
I Have. . . I Choose Love AND Joy. . . And Laughter.
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