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“Let not your mind run on what you lack
as much as on what you have already.”

— Marcus Aurelius

“My crown is in my heart, not on my head,
Nor decked with diamonds and Indian stones,
Nor to be seen: My crown is called content;
A crown it is, that seldom kings enjoy.”

— William Shakespeare

I have had money and have been without it at different times and I can say without a doubt that having it is better, but it is not happiness or contentment that comes from having it. The times I remember when I was the least cash rich, I remember fondly enjoying what was at hand. It’s not that I look back and think being broke made it that way, but being broke has a tendency (if you pay attention) to see if you can enjoy life on its terms. If you do, the memories are very good.

Giving presents to each other is even better because it comes from the heart since there may be little else. The situation encourages creativity. Later with cash plenty, the presents were much larger and expensive, but held less heart.

Though these things have been true for me and I think many, we have this tendency to focus on what we lack rather than what we have–even, and maybe even especially, when we have much. That is strange, isn’t it?

I want more. A lot more. Nonetheless, I am learning better and better how to enjoy thoroughly where I am and in what I have currently have. I am happy regardless of the current situation or the potential outcome. My happiness is not dependent on external circumstances, but merely–or rather, powerfully–on my decision to be that way. It is all internal.

What a difference from how I grew up! I love it. The power to decide is always in our own control. In that realization, I am content and celebrate my independence!

I Lack Nothing That I Need To Be Happy And Content!

Spread Some Joy Today–There is nothing so glorious as my wife smiling at me. It shows in her eyes, and they are bright and happy. If her smile affects me that way, just think how yours affects others. Wear it today!

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