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“Don’t judge each day 
by the harvest you reap 
but by the seeds that you plant.” 
— Robert Louis Stevenson 

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[Classic post from 9-9-15]

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this wonderful quote, and in our physical life, we are so action-oriented that it is so easy to interpret this quote as being about what you do, or how you do it. I used to think it was all about action–making things happen.

In Napoleon Hill’s international classic from 1937, the first words in the first chapter are, as I was reminded by Jeffrey Gitomer in his newsletter today: “Truly, “thoughts are things,” and powerful things at that.” Then, when I saw this quote by Robert Louis Stevenson, I had an “ah-ha” moment: Seeds of thought.

So often, we might be thinking, what do I need to do, or what did I do today toward my objectives? When, it would be more fruitful to ask, what do I need to think or what have been my thoughts today? Or, even better to indicate my thinking, how have I been feeling today? How am I feeling when I think about these things?

Action is a derivative of thought. It reminds me of my favorite pastime–movies. There is no action until there is a thought. There is no action until there is a story. There is no action without a script. There is no action without the writer.

The glamorous movie star is a beggar without a writer writing the story, creating the images of activity and the dialogue that the actors will imitate and speak. It very well may be the actors who bring the story to life on the screen, but it is the writer who brings to life the story so that actors can apply their skills and take the credit for the success or failure of the film.

Whatever we want, how are we starting out? It is the thought that attracts more of the same, expanding and growing into more. The only question–and the real question is–what are those thoughts? How do they feel? Are we feeling good? The good will come. Are we not feeling good? Then no good can come. We can’t plant corn and get potatoes, just like we can’t plant negative thoughts and get a positive outcome.

What Seeds Of Thought Are We Sowing? 

Spread Some Joy Today–It’s easy. Just be you. Smile. And just be you.

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