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“We must find time 
to stop and thank the people 
who make a difference in our lives.” 

— John F. Kennedy 

Yes, and as well thank those who have made a difference though it may be long ago.

Mrs. White. I don’t know her first name. She was my third-grade teacher at Lee School in Azusa CA. My memory tells me that she was always a nice person. I really enjoyed third-grade with her. Third grade is the only time I ever got straight A’s in one of the four quarters. The other three had a lot of A’s, but some B’s mixed in.

The thing that stands out to me today is butter. I love butter. Real butter. With salt. And quite often as I am buttering toast or something, I think of Mrs. White.

She took us on a field trip to a dairy that was a few miles away. We got a tour of how they get milk from the cows, and learned about cream and raw milk and pasteurized and homogenized milk. Mrs. White bought some cream to bring back to class. She got a butter churn and we all took turns churning the butter. This was all in learning and in preparation for an open house for the parents to come visit the class. The butter was served with crackers and we were all so proud that we helped make butter.

But, here’s the best part: That butter was the best I have ever tasted. I can still taste it in my mouth. It was so delicious, smooth, spreadable.

I am so grateful for such a positive and enjoyable memory that is now 60 years old and still as good as it ever has been. As well, I had that third-grade report card most of my life, and I probably still have it somewhere, although I used to know exactly where it was.

It’s interesting how we touch each other even far into the future and even after we may be long gone from this life. I wonder if any of the other kids in that class were similarly touched by Mrs. White. . .

Spend A Bit Of Your Time In Celebration Of Someone Who Inspired You. 

Spread Some Joy Today–As you are in delight, so are those who come into contact with you.

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