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“Our intention creates our reality.” 

— Wayne Dyer 

For 2015, I set forth numerous intentions. A few have already in the first 24 days of the year, come true. I am not totally sure why, but have an idea why, I am looking at this year with such joy and expectation of massive growth. My future looks so bright to me that it almost blinds my eyes. I am 65 years young, and have this outlook on my life, which I think is absolutely fascinating. I have such a thrill inside me with a smile on my face that feels ten feet wide as I think about with eager anticipation the brightness and delight of this year.

The law of attraction has always worked perfectly in my life. It is just that I didn’t know it in the past, and so often, as a result, I would simply get more of what I already had. Probably the biggest and most powerful change in my entire life is learning the value of being aware or paying attention to this law and then deliberately making use of it for my benefit. It has and will always bring me more of what I am thinking about, and intentions are powerful thoughts.

One of my intentions for this year was to do more teaching in person. I made the intention and then just let it go. I have already had teaching opportunities come to me and I laugh with joy as they have come simply from my intention and the law of attraction doing the arranging of people, places, and all manner of things toward the achievement of my intention. And this, without me putting forth the least bit of effort. It is more a trusting and allowing thing than a make it happen kind of thing.

There is such power in intentions. Resolutions come and go. Goals are like work. But intentions are really what you want. There is no should in an intention. There is desire. There is focus. There is trust and allowing when you know the powerful forces that are available to do most of the work. There is passion because these are things or changes that you want. There is joy because they come from your joy. They feel good when you write them and they never, ever feel bad. They are not needs. They require almost no effort in coming into your reality. They are exciting, and create excitement.

And, they don’t take very long typically to come into being. I’ve already experienced the fruition of several of those on my list. In addition, I am adding to the list as I have those desires. And last, it is just plain fun. Isn’t that the way it should be?

A List Of Intentions Is A Very Powerful Attractive Tool. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by intending to be joyful. It really is that easy.

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