Daily Inspiration 1-24-14

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“No man is crushed by misfortune 
unless he has first been deceived by prosperity.” 

 — Seneca 

It would not have been long ago that this quote by Seneca would not have even registered with me at all. Now it does. I find that very interesting.

I see being deceived by prosperity as putting prosperity upon a large pedestal. In this place it is more than a goal or desire, it is an ideal. It is likened to the Holy Grail. It is where (or so we think) everyone who is anyone strives to be. And, one more thing–it is hard. It isn’t easy. You have to work your ass off to get to that place and though many try, only some achieve.

From this vantage point, misfortune is devastating. It is also a place where losers gather and commiserate with each other. It is more than an event or a place one gets to. It is a state of mind. Many even begin thinking they deserve no more for this is their lot in life. Indeed, they often travel from one land of misfortune to another.

Those focused on the grail of prosperity are so fearful of misfortune. Those focused on the depth of misfortune cannot seem to find a way beyond. And, the trouble with both is that they take it all so seriously. They make it far more important than it is. In either place they often feel poorly in the pursuit, or under the threat.

Far more satisfying and life-giving is to not be so concerned about either. It is best to judge not. Either of these places is outside of the present. Both are filled with fear. Desire is wonderful and it should feel wonderful. Let that flow over you along with the peace of now. Laugh. Enjoy. Relax. Enjoy. Allow.

Be Cool. Enjoy Your Travels. Enjoy Your Moments All. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by enjoying yourself and your surroundings as much as possible.

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