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“Every new beginning comes

some other beginning’s end.”


— Seneca

A few days ago, I watched a video on the Motor Trend channel on YouTube where someone was asking the top people in the company and car testers all several questions. One of them was, “how did you ever get this job?” The answers were interesting.

Almost all came from a round about way as if looking back on it that it would show a trail through the forest going here and there and all around. You might even look at that and think how lucky there were.

I’m sure all of us have interesting stories about how we ended up doing what we do and being where we are now, and I would love to hear every single one of them. I think it is absolutely fascinating how one thing ends, whether abruptly or slowly, purposefully, or by coincidence, and another begins and it sure seems in retrospect that the next thing is superior in some way to the previous.

I was watching Moneyball, one of my favorite movies again the other day and in the early part where Brad Pitt as Billy Beane is asking the young consultant who he was and what was changed. In the car garage, Peter Brand played by Jonah Hill (dang he did such a great job in this film) told Billy that it was a really good thing that he lost his star player who was earning over 7 million a year, and that this situation opened up all kinds of interesting possibilities.

I love that phrase: It opens all kinds of interesting possibilities.

This is exactly how it is and we might even consider accepting endings as opening all kinds of interesting possibilities for all of us.

Sure Beats All That Worrying.

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