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“Patience, persistence and perspiration
make an unbeatable combination for success.”

— Napoleon Hill

From this Napoleon Hill quote, let’s call this the 3-P’s: Patience, persistence and perspiration. It might even seem strange to have patience in this sentence, but it is a wonderful formula.

Patience. To me patience is confidence. It is belief. It is the prerequisite for accomplishment that can be finalized with the help of the other two P’s. Patience is necessary–critical in fact. It would be belief that would give you the patience to hang on when things don’t look like they’re working. It is the control mechanism for the machine.

Persistence. Without the ability to keep going, your mind will easily talk you out of making the trip. The people around you will talk you out of it. It might seem like no one wants you to succeed. That’s why it is only you who can persist. No one can do that for you. The best they could do is encourage you, but the coach doesn’t run the race, the runner does. You’re the runner. Strong desire is the engine that runs persistence.

Perspiration. There are things that need to get done. It is only done by doing them. It may be physical or mental or a combination, but it is action. Without action, there is no result generally. You can change your thinking, but if your actions don’t change, your thinking won’t matter much. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you are doing something on what you have decided. It’s like looking in the mirror and deciding to comb your hair differently. You can see the picture of it done in your minds eye, but you actually have to make use of the comb to have a result that matters.

I think these are in order of importance as well.

It’s A Threepeat!

Spread Some Joy Today–Demonstrate your patience and persistence to others today through your perspiration. Maybe it can be a group workout!

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