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“Things do not bring us any meaning. 
It is we who bring meaning to things.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

We see something, hear, touch, smell, sense something, and it means something to us. Often, we know exactly what it means to us, and other times we may be hard pressed to articulate what that meaning is, yet we feel that there is meaning within us.

Abstract paintings are like that. You could say that people either like one or do not like it, but it is even deeper. There is meaning to some and no meaning and no sense of anything at all to others.

The painting I show here by local artist, Marjorie Lutz, is one that I bought that spoke to me. What was it saying to me? It wasn’t saying anything, but rather, I was interpreting what I saw and I felt a connection to it. I cannot tell you exactly what that is because it is many things.

I love the colors and where they are on the canvas. I love the different textures including things added to the paint. From a distance of about 15 feet or so, I feel the movement within it, the harmony within it. I see palm trees and a beach, and a sailboat in rolling seas, snow capped mountains, and tropical forest. I see a brilliant sunrise after a good soaking rain, I feel music within it. I see and feel many things, all of which I bring to the painting, not the other way around.

Who knows? It could be that the artist just stood back and threw things at the canvas and this is what happened. But, it doesn’t matter to me whether it was the artist’s best work or worst. I was in a room surrounded by paintings from this artist and this is the one that once I saw it, I could not get it out of my mind. So, I bought it, and I am delighted that I did.

Other people may think it looks like crap, nor a real painting, and not worthy to adorn a wall, and that is fine. We all bring our own meaning to everything we see. I brought mine and it resonated with me. It is entirely possible it was painted specifically for me, and the Law of Attraction brought me to the out of the way place where it was displayed so that I could experience it. All of that can be true, and yet none of it matters. I saw it, it resonated with me, I was joyful looking at it and I am joyful every time I look at it even some years later. And, any time something bought continues to serve and/or bring one joy, that is indeed, a great purchase.

I’ll end this post with this quote by Alan Cohen:

“All things are neutral, without positive or negative value, or any meaning whatsoever, until we put them to use.” 

It Isn’t What It Is. It Is What You Say It Is. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by feeling for resonation. This is your constant source of joy.

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