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“Once social change begins,

it cannot be reversed.”

— Cesar Chavez


I thought of a couple things right off when I saw this short quote. The first was back in the day when people believed the world was flat. Can you imagine? Instead of a globe in class, they must have had a plate. But once, the movement of the round earth began, it was going to win eventually. There are always those who hang on and resist, but they either let go or eventually die.

Then I thought about smoking, and especially cigarettes. This is one of those crazy, stupid things I did for 38 years, and I saw the social climate of cigarette smoking change so much that to look back on it now is sort of funny. Even if I decided to start up again after 11 years off, it will never go back to the way it was when I first began.

In my early twenties, smoking was so prominent. You could smoke anywhere, even on airplanes. We smoked in the car dealership I worked at, and at one store, salesman smoked at their desks with customers sitting there. I can’t even imagine that today. Restaurants catered to smokers, and later even had their own sections. Bars and nightclubs were a given. I know as I drive around I see the local bars have people go outside to smoke. Cigarettes and drink go so well together that I imagine that is a challenge for bar owners.

Still the environment changed over time to the point now today in early 2013, I see so little smoking where ever I go. I have no idea about the statistics of how much less cigarettes are consumed in the U.S., but based on looking around and sniffing the air, it has got to be so much less. There used to be about 25 feet of cigarette racks in the grocery store, and now it is down to about 2 feet, and I wonder why they even bother with that.

It’s interesting to watch something that was so accepted, then tolerated, then resented, then legislated, then socially changed. Sometimes it takes a long time, as this one has, but there’s no going back.

Change Is Part Of Life. We Even Change As A Whole.

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