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“Worry is not a form of love.” 
— Alan Cohen 

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[Classic post from 9-7-15]

I want to share some words of wisdom I gleaned from an Abraham, Esther Hicks DVD that I wrote down some time back because it seemed like it reached out and grabbed me and said, “Hey, Terry. You might want to write this down! Just saying.” So, how could I refuse such a request, and I wrote it down. It was called Tools for Teaching:

“Do not allow yourself to be a sounding board for discontent. Don’t let people practice a vibration that doesn’t serve them with you.” 

I thought that part was very telling. How many times in my past had I listened to friends, relatives, lovers, complaining about whatever, with me listening and even adding fuel here and there knowing full well that it wasn’t serving either of us in the continued attention? I love that line: Do not allow yourself to be a sounding board for discontent. I don’t anymore, mostly because I no longer attract it. 

“Don’t try to convince people that they are wrong in their discord.” 

As I was learning a better way for me, I thought that everyone should know it too, and I would try to ‘turn people around’ so to speak in their unhappiness. I wanted to see them happy, of course, but I finally learned to let people have their unhappiness or discord. I cannot change them, but I can love them where they are and allow them to be where they are. If they want to change it, they will attract that change. They have the power within. The best I can do is simply be an example of well-being.

“It’s right when you feel bad that you are not getting what you want.” 

It sounds strange to say that it is right when you feel bad, but it is true. Our emotions are our internal guidance system. When we are feeling bad, our internal guidance system is telling us that our current thoughts are in discord with our inner being, our God within, our soul, or whatever terms you might rather use. An easy way to say it is that we are out of alignment with our greater knowing. Indeed, then when we are feeling good, we are in alignment. So it is right when we are feeling bad. It is also right when we are feeling good. It is right to pay attention to how we are feeling for it is our own internal guidance system functioning perfectly.

“I just want you to know that you can never get what you want when you’re feeling bad.” 

Feeling bad is a clear indication of being out of alignment, of rowing upstream against the current of well-being. Feeling bad is being focused on what we do not want. Worry is focusing on what we do not want. As we are in this place, we cannot focus on what we do want. However, as we become aware of our internal guidance system and we recognize that we are feeling bad, knowing that we are now out of alignment, we can then be able to step aside enough to say, “I see because of this negative emotion what I do not want, so what is it that I do want?” The negative emotion is the contrast for us to know what we don’t want and can at the same time help us to know what we do want and then we can choose to focus there, changing the emotion along the way.

I think these teaching thoughts for teachers is just as perfect for all students.

To Be A Good Teacher, One Naturally Becomes A Better Student. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing your joy to flow freely.

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