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“Because our entire universe is made up of consciousness,
we never really experience the universe directly we just
experience our consciousness of the universe, our perception
of it, so right, our only universe is perception.”
— Alan Moore
The world is flat is one perception of old. People held to it with all their strength. A few ventured to consider and experiment and develop a different perspective. So, now, in today’s world, we think, how could they have believed the world is flat? It is because we now can see pictures of the earth from space that clearly show that the earth is not flat. We think it is crazy and uneducated to think it is flat when it is clearly not. Yet, this fact many not have changed a lot of people’s perceptions in the flat world days.
It is easy to put those flat-worlders in the category of being wrong, whereas, we with all our knowledge and insight are truly in the right category. We’re right, they’re wrong. A classic argument. But, are they really?
Giving this somewhat more thought, I think they are neither right or wrong because each is viewing the world from their own perspective, and perspective isn’t something that is right or wrong, but something that is fashioned out of the knowledge and prejudices we have–more like each looking through our own eyes seeing what we see and to each what we see is real to us.
Next time we try to move someone from their solid-grounded perspective to try to have them adopt our own, we might consider other alternatives. We could allow them to continue to own their perspective and appreciate their unique view as okay and even perfect for them at this moment in time. There are all sorts of people who do not have ears to hear or eyes to see except this that they know now. We can choose to respect that perspective. Rather than try to change them, we just honor them and allow them to be who they are and where they are as we can do also with ourselves.


Doesn’t This Apply In So Many Ways In So Many Situations With Communications With Others?
Spread Some Joy Today–by relaxing in criticism today. Allow others to be what they are, especially those who do or say things you may not have previously liked. Allow them to be them and you to be you and everyone is okay today. If need be, you can pick up your prickly stick tomorrow. It is always available.
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