Daily Inspiration 1-21-17

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“It takes a lot less work to feel good 
than it does to feel bad.” 

— Alan Cohen 

Of course! That makes perfect sense. Feeling bad is all about struggle, resistance, pushing against unwanted things and ideas, disappointment, overwhelment, powerlessness, depression, anger, revenge, worry, doubt, discouragement, jealousy, fear, grief, rage, and despair, just to name a few. It takes effort to keep those feelings alive. They require work.

Feeling good on the other hand is likened to the opposite of work or effort because it is all about letting go. Just open our hands and let go of that rope we are holding on to. Just open our heart and let go of those things that we have been stirring to a frenzy in our bodies and mind. How much work is letting go? Zip. Nada. Holding on is where the work is. Pushing against things, people, ideas is where the work is. There is no work in letting go.

Next time you find yourself feeling bad, take a look inside and see what you are holding on to, and then if you want to feel good, or better, let go of that and see what comes. It may even seem magical, but it is not magic. It is called peace.

Paying Attention To How You Feel Is Your Powerful Point Of The Power To Change How You Feel. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting go. Joy requires no struggle whatsoever.

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