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“If you come to my brainstorming

meeting and say nothing, it would

be better if you hadn’t come at all.

Not adding value

is the same as

taking it away.”

— Seth Godin

I am of the opinion that about two thirds of all the meetings on the planet could be cancelled and there would be no adverse affect. In fact, there may very well be positive effects.

Giving out information, going over procedures, changes, all this can be done in an email, or even better yet, a phone call to the key people and email to the rest.

But that other one third can really make a difference. The ones where we are looking for valuable input from a variety of people for ways to make change can and do indeed work when and if the people in the room participate.

So much of the time I’m a pretty quiet person, but I have learned over the years to be fearless when it comes to giving my input. I have opinions and am not afraid to express them, and I often have very valuable input at meetings like this. I can remember quite a few where things changed dramatically as a result of the willingness to speak up.

If you’re typically a silent one in these kind of meetings, try allowing yourself to speak. I think you’ll find that you can make as valuable a difference as anyone else.

Go For It. Speak Up!

Spread Some Joy Today–Go on Linked-in and find one or more of your connections that you know that you can give recommendations for without them asking for one. They will be pleasantly surprised at the gift of your time and kind words.

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