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“Control over the way you feel– 
over your response to things, 
over your response to others 
or your response to situations– 
is not only the key
to your consistent happiness, 
but to everything you desire as well. 
It really is worth practicing.” 

— Abraham and Esther Hicks 
from the book, The Vortex 

Yesterday, I found myself feeling off. On the Emotional Guidance Scale, I would have to say that the closest thing that I think I was feeling was somewhere between irritation and doubt. I have no idea why I was feeling that as the day started out just fine. I noticed the jumbled feelings when my business partner and I talked briefly on the phone about a new client and I reacted to something said and blurted out some stuff that he did not need. But, the value of my blurting them out was for me to see where I was emotionally. I later apologized.

The issue with the client got resolved in less than 15 minutes, and I was grateful, but I still had these ugly feelings, mainly focused on myself. Isn’t that often the case with you? I think we have a tendency to beat ourselves up for so many things.

I was determined to feel better quickly, so I got out my Book of Positive Aspects which I am practicing more and more with, and I wrote on the next blank page at the top: Positive Aspects of Me. I began with me because I was beating myself up for whatever, and I just started writing and with each statement of a positive aspect about myself, I felt a tiny bit better.

When it stops flowing, that is a good time to stop on that subject. You can always come back and write more later if you’re inspired to do so. So I stopped, and then started another page: Positive Aspects of Upward Trend (my core business). Then, I was thinking about a couple of people slightly negatively, so I wrote out a page for each of them.

Within just a few minutes and with this wonderful tool, I was back up to optimism, and then into happiness, and back into joy. In other times, I would have focused on what I was feeling and ruminating about the issues, going over and over and over and over them, finding myself further down the emotional scale culminating in a solid feeling sorry for myself session. No more. I now have ways to affect the change that I desire and that I can practice and watch as it works rather than wait for it. I now have control.

The Book of Positive Aspects is a wonderful tool. Writing out positive aspects of myself (first time I’ve done that), was very interesting. You might try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Yesterday a friend responded to my Daily Inspiration and here was part of my response that fits here about practice: “Anything we want to get better at, get good at, is worthy of study and practice. It is in the practice that life is. It is where the living is. It is the creating of the sculpture, and it is in the writing of the song, the helping to understand the needs of the prospect, finding solutions that provide the best value. The actual accomplishment is what it is. A moment of celebration and that is over and done with. It is in the practicing, the doing, the learning, the expanding, the becoming that is life itself.You certainly don’t have to, but I know that is where you most enjoy yourself. Me too.”

The Teacher Best Leads By Personal Example. 

Spread Some Joy Today–because life is meant to be full of joy!

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