Daily Inspiration 1-20-13

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“You are good enough,

smart enough,

beautiful enough,

strong enough.

Believe it

and stop letting


run your life.”


— Thema Davis

I love this inspiring quote from Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis (www.drthema.com), and even though I love it, I feel the desire to make changes in it, so here is the new quote:

You are enough. Believe it.

When we start to consider or expect other people to have some specific response to what we say or do, or even that we are, we may feel that we are not enough. But we are enough.

When we focus on our so-called mistakes and indiscretions, and then judge ourselves about them while even perhaps not admitting them openly, we may feel that we are not enough. But we are enough.

Say to yourself, “I AM.” Those are the two most powerful words ever assembled together. As a result of stating them, you ARE, and you ARE enough.

It doesn’t matter that you aren’t good at some things, or even many things. What matters is that you love yourself just enough to know that you ARE, and in so doing, you are enough. Give yourself a break. You deserve it. You ARE enough.

Let It Be; Let It Be; Let It Be; Let yourself Be. You Are So Deserving, Let It Be; Let It Be . . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Things, position, power, money. None of those things mean anything at all. But you? You mean everything. And even if no one else knows it, God knows it. He knows you’re enough. Know it for yourself too.

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