Daily Inspiration 1-20-12

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“In a controversy, the instant we feel anger
we have already ceased striving for the truth,
and have begun striving for ourselves.”
— Buddha
This is a great way to tell when I’m going down the wrong path. I think we naturally via our ego want to protect our position rather than consider an alternative, no matter how good it may be. Feeling anger is a result and I think that should be looked at as a reason to immediately stop and let go of our position if we can encourage ourselves to do that and allow a different thought to enter.
This applies as equally to any argument of a personal or business nature. The moment we feel anger, we need to be aware and change direction, or release the argument. To continue will not be beneficial.
There Is Much Value In Considering Anothers Perspective Along With Our Own.
Spread Some Joy Today–Enjoy the scenery today, even if it is from your office window.
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