Daily Inspiration 1-2-14

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“Pay less attention to resolutions 
and more attention to evolution.” 

 — Alan Cohen 

The best time for a resolution is the end of the month so that the resolution activity begins at the beginning of the month. Think about it. It all lines up and it is so hard to resist the beginning. The first day of the month is day one. The second day is day two and so on throughout the month. It’s perfect. It is easy to count.

The only problem is missing a day. What do we do then? Start all over? Nah. Better to just keep going and ignore it. Maybe even pretend it didn’t happen. It’s easy. But, then the next problem is missing another day. What then? Can’t start all over, and it’s not so easy to hide two mistakes as one. Heck, might as well wait until the end of the month and go for it again.

This assumes we remember what we were planning on doing. It’s always changing you know. And, that’s the story of what is probably the majority of resolutions.

But, consider evolution. This is realizing that all there is, and all there will ever be is this very moment. There is now. Then it is now. Then now. Then now. There is no tomorrow or the end or the beginning or the middle. There is now. Then now. Then now. That’s all there is.

Of course, it is as simple as it can be to change. Do it now. Then now. Then now. It doesn’t matter how many now’s you use up, it will still be now.

That Should Make It Easier. . . Or, At The Very Least, More Effective. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Do it now. There is only now.

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