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“Life is supposed to be fun.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

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[Classic post from 9-4-15]

It’s funny how messages draw messages, thought attracts thoughts. It must be that whole Law of Attraction thing.

Yesterday, I was sharing with a friend at lunch about enjoying myself more, and with some others about working less–not only less, but pretty much when I choose to–and that I called that freedom! I must have planned it that way since that’s the way it is now, but it may not have been consciously. Regardless of the intention, I am in Heaven on Earth.

Then, this morning I got up and opened my overnight emails, several of which are daily inspirational messages that I subscribe to. These messages were on the same wavelength, so I thought I must share them too.

The first is from The Universe, a.k.a., Mike Dooley:

“You really don’t have to try so hard, Terry.
That’s why there are magic and miracles.

The Universe”

I thought, how perfect! I agree, or I have learned to agree. The second is from Abraham, Esther Hicks from a workshop in Salt Lake City UT on September 9th, 2000:

“Reduce your workload by 30% and increase your fun load by 30% and you will increase your revenues by 100%. And you will increase your productivity by 10,000%. (If there could be such a percentage.) More fun, less struggle–more results on all fronts.”

Don’t you just love it when things come together in harmony?

Great Minds Think Alike. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting go of that struggle.

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