Daily Inspiration 1-19-17

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“Why we want what we want 
is of infinite and telling importance.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

This is for a friend, and yet, it is also for me.

In the movie, Cool Runnings, Derice is feeling he will be a failure if he goes back to Jamaica without winning a Gold medal at the Olympics. Irv, the coach tells him: “Derice, a gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you’re not enough without one, you’ll never be enough with one.” 

Here’s some words of wisdom from one of my favorite authors, Alan Cohen: “The secret is to determine what you would like to receive from other people, and then give it to yourself. This crucial shift can be difficult in a world where we are daily bombarded with the implication that we are empty and needy, and everything we want and need is somewhere else.” 

Everything we really need is within us. All perceptions of the world around us are within us. All choices of what we will feel at any given time are within us. All power of decision is within us. All power of thought is within us. There is no shortage within us. In fact, there is no shortage. Abundance is the rule. Perception is the rule.

All we see and feel is a response to how we choose to see, which is our perception, and is based purely in our thoughts. In our thoughts, we are worthy or unworthy, loved or unloved, blessed or cursed, and all points in between. It is all in our own control.

So this is the reason that why we want what we want is infinitely important. The answer will determine whether it is passion or obsession that drives us. The difference between those two emotional drivers is as vast as night and day.

We are already enough in the eyes of our Creator. We will always be enough in the eyes of our Creator. Wanting is wonderful. It is the expansion of life, and when we are wanting for the reason of the joy of the expansion, the delight in the unfolding, the magic in the desire, we are in alignment, or in unison with our inner abundance.

Accolades Are Great. Inner Peace Is Better. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by fulfilling your desire, and everyone’s desire to feel good, and joy is the recognition of your inner worth and value.

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