Daily Inspiration 1-19-13

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“If you want to turn your life around,

try thankfulness.
It will change your life mightily.”

— Gerald Good   

A Moving Art original short. This inspirational video was well responded
at TED conferences and filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg motivates
those around him as happiness is revealed. Spoken word and
music montage created and composed by Gary Malkin.
Narration written and spoken by Brother David Steindl-Rast.www.MovingArt.tv
One of my very good friends, Paul Brown sent me this video in an email today. It was so well done and had such a beautiful and powerful message, that I thought that I had to share it with all my readers and others who may stumble on to this piece. It brought tears to my eyes and I could only hope that it may move you in some way as well.

One key part stuck out for me where the narrator says to “look at the faces of the people that you meet and each and every one of them has an incredible story behind their face–a story that you could never fully fathom. Not only their own story, but the story of their ancestors. They all go back so far. And in this present moment, all the people you meet, all that life from generations is from so many places all over the world, flows together, meets you here like a life giving water if you only open your heart and drink.” 

Enjoy, Truly Enjoy Your Day Today. It Is A Gift.


Spread Some Joy Today–I’ve been encouraged by Paul today and I pass that encouragement along to you. Find a way to pass the encouragement you receive to others.

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