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“Create your future from your future, not from your past.”

— Werner Erhard

I laughed when I read this quote because it is way too simple and way too brilliant. After I read it a few times, I thought, “of course! It makes total sense.”

I’ve set goals a lot of times and failed to achieve them or have them make a difference in my life because I was “creating my future out of my past.” What that comes down to is the very same thing that Albert Einstein so eloquently stated–“you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.” Yet, many of us do.

Take for example credit card debt. How many of us have amassed credit card debt, paid it off and charged them up again? Been there, done that. That’s creating a future with past thinking. Future thinking will probably be more like, zero credit card debt and all the money I used to spend paying back credit cards now goes into investments.

That is a tangible example, but there are many others, less tangible. How about frustration and anger? We sigh and say phrases like, “whatever. . .” or we express our frustration with this or that, or we complain about not enough of this or too much of that, or what someone else is doing, all the while trying to change. More creating a future out of the past. The better future will only come from less caustic thinking. You really can get to a place where there is almost none of that if you decide to change it and create your future out of your future.

I see what I want in my future and I see what I need to be thinking, who I need to be associating with, how I need to handle and think about money, how to open my thinking to partnerships rather than trying to hold it all (100% of nothing is nothing, 20% of something is 20%. . .). As Jim Rohn said, “to have more, you must become more.” That requires creating my future out of the future. He also said, “success is something you attract by the person you become.”

That has little to do with money, but everything to do with everything.

I’m In Charge Of My Future Today, Right Now.

Spread Some Joy Today–Start your reading list and get started reading some classic titles that will inspire you. Here’s one for you: “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Powerfully good book about changing your thinking.

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