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“Does an emotion
create the thought? 
Or, does the thought 
create the emotion?” 
— Terry Minion 

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[Classic post from 9-3-15]

I woke up last night at about 3am and wrote the above quote down on a notebook I keep by my bed. The idea came from watching a whole bunch of British murder mysteries and detective dramas. Of course, this is also true no matter where they came from, but there was rampant emotion, and often to the point of disability. Sometimes it was rage, anger, blame, and also grief, jealousy, vindictiveness.

What was interesting was seeing this from my current mental perspective of knowing that I create my own reality and that I am the single and exclusive source of my own emotion and thought. On one show, a woman was grieving for a loss to the point of almost destroying herself and those around her. She acted as if she had zero control over that, and it makes for TV drama, but we all always have personal control available to us, though we may elect to not make use of it.

Then, when I got up this morning, I saw a quote from Abraham, Esther Hicks excerpted from a workshop in El Paso, TX on February 17, 2001, that virtually matched the quote at the top with more explanation, of course. Here it is:

“Your emotion, your indicator of vibration, is indicating the ratio between your currently focused desire and any other belief or thought that you hold about same. When you feel negative emotion, anger about something, or fear… the name of the emotion does not matter, it always means that there is a desire within you that, in this moment, you are contradicting with some other thought. Your emotions are always about your relationship with your own desire, and nothing else. And it’s time for you to just begin relaxing about it, and not make it a personal issue of your own valor, or your own value, or your own integrity. In other words, it’s just, how many times have I thought this thought?” 

If emotion controlled our thoughts, we would all be pinballs in a pinball game, bouncing here and there, flipped about, totally without any control of our own. Alas, it is fortunate that our thought is the creator of our emotion. Whether we choose to exercise that control is up to the individual for their own individual reasons. We can continue with unpleasant emotions choosing the same thoughts over and over again, but we absolutely have the control available to us, and through choosing a different thought, we can change the emotion easily enough to something we might like better.

A Great Question To Ask Ourselves: Is This The Way I Want To Feel? 

Spread Some Joy Today–as you exercise your personal power in the control of your own thoughts on any subject.

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