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“The world is your kaleidoscope, 
and the varying combinations of colors 
which at every succeeding moment 
it presents to you 
are the exquisitely adjusted pictures 
of your evermoving thoughts.” 

— James Allen 

I’m certain that you can relate when I say that there is a smile that is of the lips and the face, and then there is a smile that is of our entire being. The latter could be compared very well with the word, joy.

How often might you pay attention to what you are thinking as your are going about your daily tasks, traveling to and from work, going to the grocery store, doing errands, or just out for a drive? It’s a curious thing how our mind seems to never cease thinking thoughts whether we are paying any attention to them or not. And, as we pay attention or not, we are creating with them nonetheless. How we feel at any given point is a direct indication of what those thoughts are creating, though we may not be paying attention to those feelings either. I know that sometimes, we are just moving about on autopilot.

Two days ago, I shared a single sentence quote of such power that it may take some time to settle in. It was from Abraham, Esther Hicks, and it is worthy of repeating here: “Appreciation is the magic formula you’ve been seeking.” I think this is perfectly stated, and though it isn’t magic, it works in such a way to certainly feel like magic in how it causes so many more of those smiles that are expressed in my entire being.

I’ll give you a simple example from this morning. I almost always make my own breakfast at home, but this morning just before 6 a.m., I decided to drive to Starbucks in the rain and get a breakfast sandwich and coffee. Just for the heck of it. I’m in my sweats and flipflops, but I don’t need to get out of the truck, and plus it is a short journey.

I start my 15-year old F150 and it runs perfectly like it did when I bought it 13 years ago. It’s wet, dark and 44 degrees outside according to my truck thermometer. I find that I am thinking about this fun little unusual jaunt, and loving the comfort of my wonderful truck (Thanks! Paul Brown). I’m thinking how smoothly it is driving and how delightful it is to live in this time. Considering history, it was only a nanosecond ago, or less than 150 years in human time when this masterful machine we call the automobile did not even exist in it’s simplest form.

People used to drive around in wagons led by horses, or mules. Even living in the city, there were no transportation options that we would recognize in today’s world, except perhaps walking. I see the street lights that light the way and the neighborhoods. I see the smooth asphalt roadway that I am driving on, all the roadway markings, traffic lights. My windshield is fogging up a bit from the humidity, so I turn on the defroster and it magically evaporates off the glass.

I casually drive up to Starbuck’s, place my order, noticing that the person taking the order seems so pleasant, and I return that feeling joyfully, and drive around toward the paying and receiving window. Once there, the person inside and I exchange smiles, and I drive on heading back home.

All the while on this short little trip, I have this smile that permeates my being. I am in joy. I am loving this trip. I am in awe of all that is around me that I often seem to take for granted. I remind myself that I was born before so many of these things that are conveniences for us in our lives today, and I am eager in anticipation of those things that will come in the near future.

All of these things are great. I love how they help us and serve us, and yet, what is even greater is standing in appreciation of them. And, even greater still is standing in appreciation of this life I am living, in whatever I choose to do in my day. And, I choose first and foremost to stand in appreciation and feel that smile that becomes my entire being.

What I See Is What I Get. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by standing in appreciation.

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