Daily Inspiration 1-18-13

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“Artistry exists in everyone.

What makes it blossom

is a soul’s personal desire

to find an outlet for expression.”

— Richelle E Goodrich

Rarely am I as enthusiastic and happy as in the discussion of ideas and thoughts. Yet, this is something I do so little of vocally. I express ideas more in writing, so that is one outlet and it is good. What is better–infinitely better–is talking aloud about ideas I have and even better than this, is sharing them with someone I care about and how these thoughts might be of service to them in some small way.

What I find really interesting about this, is that by expressing thoughts vocally to another person, even when the ideas have been written or pondered mentally as fully as I think should complete the thoughts, by then expressing them aloud to another, I find new thoughts that formulate the thought far better than I originally considered. It is as if it each thought expressed creates a thought form.

Sometimes those thoughts expressed are things that I’ve done and in retrospect and now in sharing those things with another, I can see a formula, or strategy that didn’t appear as clearly thought out at the time it actually occurred. How fun that is to see something done or achieved better than you thought it was as it was happening. I think that is such a learning tool for today and tomorrow.

Doing this on purpose, of course, is what seminars are all about, but with little interaction. How much better it is to have it be as finite as two people telling each other stories.

Find A Way To Express Your Thoughts Aloud With Others. It Is A Joy And A Growing Experience.

Spread Some Joy Today–Reach out and share with someone today.

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