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“The purpose of life
is to discover your gift. 

The work of life
is to develop it. 

The meaning of life 
is to give your gift away.” 

— David Viscott 

I like this quote, but I would change one word and delete one word for it to be more true in my mind. It is in the last line. So here’s how I would prefer this message in the quote:

The purpose of life is to discover your gift. 
The work of life is to develop it. 
The meaning of life is to share your gift. 

For the majority of my life, I have searched for my gift. It used to be said that everyone has that one special talent, that God-given gift, and that it was in the discovery of that, that we become whole. I think I took that to heart; however, it caused frustration and anxiety because I never seemed to get to that place where I absolutely knew without a doubt what my special talent or gift was.

So, I tried a lot of things. I kept searching, wondering, wanting. And, I have come to realize, and if you know about the Law of Attraction, then as I continued to search and want and wondered, more searching, wanting and wondering was given to me. “I know it’s there somewhere” turned into “where the heck is it?,” “will I ever find it?,” “what is wrong with me?” Well, you can see how that would work out.

Then, only recently via some wise teachers that I stumbled across (a misnomer for sure), I realized that I had it all along. It is me. Or, you could say it this way: It is me, or It is me, or It is me! I am the gift. To discover my inner connection to all that is. This is to discover the gift, and we are all gifted with this the same with our own unique flavors.

My work has been developing it. I have been doing this all along. We cannot help but do it.

The meaning, or rather my meaning of life is to share this gift. I have been sharing this gift all of my life without realizing that this has been the case. I am sharing it right now. I shared it in so many different ways, and yet each of those ways was me. The gift was me. I have been sharing this gift in everything that I have done and continue to do.

The last realization about this is that it is not a destination. That’s what I always thought it was. I thought that one day I will discover my God-given gift and I will have arrived. Not so. It is a journey. And, paying attention to that journey in all its glory is the joy of living our gift as we are discovering even more of it, working (or, rather, playing) to develop it, expand it, allow it more fully, and in the sharing with others that which we are through those things that we choose to do, and through our many relationships.

You Are The Gift. Celebration Is In Order. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by stopping the search for it. Joy is already with each of us. All we need to do is recognize it, expand with it, and share it.

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