Daily Inspiration 1-16-14

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“If the only prayer you said 
in your whole life was
“thank you,” 
that would suffice.” 

 — Meister Eckhart 

This is the best way to start my day. It is the best way to keep my day in joy. It is the best way to end the day. Becoming a person filled with gratitude and finding ever more of it as a result has changed me entirely. Most importantly, it has changed the way my life feels every single day.

There is no such thing anymore of having a bad day. It doesn’t happen. I used to get two or three colds, flu, and sore throats a year, every year. I haven’t had any in over six years. I think it is gratitude because that is the most significant change.

It’s A Game Changer.

Spread Some Joy Today–Take a poll. How many times do you silently or aloud say, ‘Thank you?’

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