Daily Inspiration 1-14-19

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“You can always, always give something,
even if it is only kindness!”
— Anne Frank

[Classic post from 9-19-17]

There are two things in this quote that speak so clearly to me. First is the fact–no, it isn’t just an idea or a thought, but a fact–that we each can always, always give something. We always have more than enough of something to give away.

The second thing is that kindness isn’t something so small, but it is among the most powerful and effective things that we can give one another. As she says, “even if it is only kindness.” Only? I laugh. Only? I laugh some more. How about, at least? Only? Indeed.

If You Did Only One Thing Today, Giving Away A Bit Of Kindness Is As Generous As Generosity Gets. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing that it is in our letting go of ourselves for even a moment that can allow us to recognize another.

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