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“There is no affirmation
without the one who affirms. 
In this sense, everything to which 
you grant your love is yours.” 

— Ayn Rand 

Before I get started with today’s message, I want to add something to yesterday’s message about blame and blaming. I ran across this quote today looking at quotes on affirmation, and it is so perfectly matched to some of yesterday’s post, I had to share it today and I think it is worth letting it settle in a bit:

“When you blame others, 
you are affirming that you have no power, 
and your existence is only a reaction 
to the power of others.” 

— Bryant McGill. 

I’ve written about affirmations several times, and I’ve struggled with them over the years. I thought I knew enough about them, but I did not. I have been given a new perspective via a new book series I’ve been reading and I am completely renewed in the awesome power of intention and affirmation.

Those two words go together so well because an intention is expressed best as an affirmation. If you’ve tried to use affirmations like I have, they are all about the future and intending that the future be more to our liking in some way by calling forth more abundance, better health, better situations, and more. But, the real power of affirmations is in the now. That’s because this is all there is now. And, an affirmation from the intention of something happening right now is so powerful that I am jumping up and down inside just thinking about it.

It’s just fine to imagine what I might want in the future, seeing myself in better financial condition, and more delightful things around me, as well as the health to enjoy them and so on. Nothing wrong with picturing and affirming this. It is wonderful. Yet, we can affirm things in our now that have an immediate effect instead of a future intended result.

I learned a little bit of this and I have written about it in what Abraham, Esther Hicks calls ‘segment intending.’ Yet even that is future; albeit, a much closer future, as in intending a safe trip from here to there, etc.

I’ve written about mentally blessing others also, which is an affirmation in the now. This is what has become renewed with delight in me, and it even goes deeper than what we might think of as a blessing.

When I accept that all of us are a product of the Creator, and that each and every one of us is loved unconditionally, and that I can accept that in myself as well, I have the foundation necessary to truly bless others as I move around in my physical life. As a product of the Creator, or God, or whatever words you may like to use, I am therefore a part of that too. As I acknowledge that in myself first, I can now acknowledge that in all others, and all things. And, I can do this more effectively and purposefully through the use of affirmations.

An example might be to say, “I am acknowledging the divine presence of the person in front of me (or beside me, or over there),” or I can add, “I seek harmony in our intentions,” or, “I acknowledge that I am loved unconditionally by my Source and I acknowledge that same love in all others around me.” Each of these and a thousand others are a way of affirming in the present and when I do this, magic seems to happen. I’m not necessarily looking for a result, but I am getting one. First, I am affirming myself and my own Source which is the Source of all things. Second, I am affirming all others human, animal, and things as coming from the same Source and that Source is within them, whether they are awake to it or not. This often creates an instant love connection, and harmony in the moment.

But, heck, enough theory. Try it yourself. First, acknowledge that you are a creation of the Creator, God, All-That-Is, and that this Source loves all of It’s creations unconditionally. Next, affirm that. Next, accept that all others have the exact same pedigree, and last, affirm that in them and your connection to them in unconditional love. When you accept that you are loved unconditionally, it is easy to see beyond whatever facade a person may be showing to see the real truth that we are all loved together as well as apart.

Affirmation Turns A Thought Into Action. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by actually spreading that joy liberally in your acceptance of your divine love.

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