Daily Inspiration 1-14-14

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“There is only the understanding of the thing 
that needs to be taught to every child on the planet, 
and that is the knowledge that every single individual 
on this planet is already powerful as he or she needs
to be
to create any reality desired, 
without having to hurt yourself, or anyone else to get it. 
That’s how powerful you are.” 

 — Bashar 

Yes. And, what a time to teach it–as a child. I often think what my life might be like had I learned at a young age what I have learned in the last six years. None of what I have recently learned was ever taught in any school or church I went to. It was not in college either. Bits of it were in some of the psychology books I read in my twenties. It wasn’t taught in any business class or business seminar I attended. I was unaware of its existence then as I see it in its present form. Yet the learning that I did accept and reach for was valuable enough.

Maybe it was as Alan Cohen states: “Worldly success is achieved by doing. Spiritual success is achieved by undoing.” As I consider this, it resonates with me. I think much of what I have done in the last six years has been undoing, or a strategic letting go. As I let go, what remains becomes more clear. It takes it from life being a struggle to life being an adventurous journey. That would be worth teaching at a young age.

Children and adults need to know and would benefit from the knowledge that they have all the power they need within them and better ways to make use of it for their enduring enjoyment. To know they have the power to choose in any and all circumstances would create within them a blameless environment. Whereas, I spent most of my life blaming anything I could, all of which were outside of me, and this was taught by my parents own examples. I had the power and didn’t even know it.

I Know It Now. What An Improvement. A New Life. The Power Is Mine To Use As I See Fit. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing your thoughts. A good choice now and everyday is thoughts that create a feeling of joy. You have the power in any and all circumstances.

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