Daily Inspiration 1-14-13

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“It doesn’t matter
how good someone else is. 
It doesn’t make you any better. 
It doesn’t make you any worse.” 
— from the movie, Pastime 

My antennae are up all the time, whether I’m in a crowd, driving and listening to the radio or music, watching a movie. I’m ready to hear something profoundly interesting that I haven’t heard before, or I haven’t heard that thought expressed quite so well as this one. This was the case tonight as I watched a baseball movie framed in the late fifties. It’s just so funny how when I hear something and it clicks with me, it is instantaneous and I have to record it, often writing as fast as I can.

I know this thought that surrounds the quote above, but I have never heard it expressed in this way. It makes it so much more clear that it doesn’t do any good at all to be the least bit concerned what others are doing because, ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. The only thing that does matter, is what you and I do.

It doesn’t matter who’s on what level either. Some will always be scoring more, pitching better, closing more deals, doing more labor and so on. Again, it doesn’t matter what they do, only what we do. What they do doesn’t make us any better, or any worse. It is what it is.

Take Joy In That!

Spread Some Joy Today–Let it be what it is without any insistence that it be something else.

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