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“If we are ever to enjoy life,
now is the time,
not tomorrow or next year. . .
Today should always be our most wonderful day.”
“The world is a great mirror.
It reflects back to you what you are.
If you are loving, if you are friendly,
if you are helpful, the world will prove loving
and friendly and helpful to you.
The world is what you are.
— Thomas Dreier

Of the many grand lessons that I have learned well in the last few years, one of the grandest is to simply enjoy myself every day and if I can manage it, every hour of every day, constantly. Oh, stuff happens you know, and it does its best to get you off track, or at least that’s the story we tell others. Truth is, we can enjoy ourselves locked up in prison. If we choose to. We can enjoy ourselves at work, if we choose to. We can enjoy ourselves wherever we are and whatever circumstances exist, if we want to. It is 100% a choice how we want to feel all the time.

I was brought up in a series of divorces where one parent is blaming the other, even trying to get the kids to take sides, spy on each other, and other TV drama. We were taught that people do things to you that make you feel bad and that they are to blame and must be accountable. Ain’t it awful. Looking back on that drama so many years ago, I just have to laugh at how silly it all was and how none of it ever worked the way they wanted it to. Fortunately for me, I saw all that as the eldest child and decided I wanted none of it in my life. Great thought, but hard to follow through on. Yet, I’ve learned over time that it can be done.

If nothing else, I know absolutely now that I am 100% in charge of my own feelings about anything. In that, I rejoice!

Another lesson that is similar that was learned is that the world gives you back pretty much what you give out. Want more love? Give more love. Want more recognition? Give more recognition. Want more knowledge? Teach more knowledge. Want more skills? Share your skills. Whatever you feel you are lacking, just turn right around and give it away and you will be filled. Want more inspiration? Inspire others. A number of people have told me how I have helped inspire them to make positive changes in thinking and action. That’s awesome. And it is not nearly as awesome as the inspiration I get out of doing it. And it’s all free. Who knew?

The world reflects you. Whatever you want more of, give more of it to others. Be a servant. Serve one and then another and then hundreds or thousands. The more you serve, the greater the reward coming back, not to mention the powerful rewards going out.

Let me share a song that I wrote with you that expresses some of this. I wrote it in 1987 after meeting Nancy who became my wife shortly afterward. It is called Nancy’s Eyes because it was her eyes that were mesmerizing me!

Nancy’s Eyes

1st verse:
Nancy’s eyes reflect the joy I feel in me.
In Nancy’s face I see all I’ve come to be.
And in her smile, my love comes back to me
In Nancy, I see me.
In here I see reflections of what’s inside of me.
She radiates the qualities that once I couldn’t see.
Now I understand, the love she sees in me,
For I reflect the love in here she’s choosing to set free.

2nd verse:
In Nancy’s voice, I hear the feelings I express.
In Nancy’s touch, I feel the warmth of my caress,
And in her laugh, the laughter, I possess.
It’s me, that she reflects.

Just for the fun of it, I took this song and a few others and put them on My Space. Most are not pro recordings. In case you might want to hear this song, go to https://myspace.com/terryminion/music/songs.

The world reflects us as other people reflect us. Whatever we want more of or whatever we feel we are lacking, if we will give that away, we will get all we need.

I’m Never Going Back To Being Bummed.
I Now Enjoy Everyday As Wonderful–Regardless!

Spread Some Joy Today–Cheering someone up is an easy thing and costs nothing. Even so little a thing as just smiling at them may do the trick. Some are hard core and you have to do more than just smile, but oh. . .the joy in that!

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