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“Do something you really like,

and hopefully it pays the rent.

As far as I’m concerned,

that’s success.”

— Tom Petty

Today I watched a wonderful documentary on two DVD’s for about 4-1/4 hours straight through. I loved it. It is called Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin’ Down a Dream and was directed by Peter Bogdanovich. I have never known much about Tom Petty, and wasn’t a fan until the last few years, and I found this movie very inspiring and a fascinating story.

Wrapped throughout the history of the group is the passion for their music. Not always agreeing with each other, but together for so long with so few changes in people, and for over 35 years Tom’s been out there doing what he loves.

It’s interesting to hear his story from childhood and how he came to decide on music and then how it became his career, life, and livelihood. You could look at it and call it luck, but I think it was so much more attracting circumstances and events than haphazard luck.

When you know what you want to do, love doing it, are driven by it, you really don’t need to know how it will all come down or come together. In fact, you probably won’t even know what it would look like until you actually got there, and that is part of the journey that is weaved in this great story.

It’s also a story of growth and expansion, of following your heart and ignoring the press, negative opinions, and even the so-called wisdom of the so-called experts. I remember one part where they had recorded a new album, Full Moon Fever, and the record company refused to distribute it, claiming that it didn’t have his sound. On that album is the mega-hit, Free Fallin’. In addition, their long time drummer, chose not to be on the recording because he didn’t like the song. So they got a new drummer.

I think there is so much in life and business that we can learn from watching this that it could be a college class.

“I’ve Turned Down A Lot Of Money For Things That Would Have Made Me Feel Cheesy.” — Tom Petty.

Spread Some Joy Today–Go with your heart in control.

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