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“Serving people is the best way

to earn influence.”


— Jeff Goins

I was browsing tonight some something and pulled the classic Think and Grow Rich book off my shelf. I skimmed just a bit and came upon a message that I think is fascinating to think about.

The idea that was in my head was how some people influence others and in how many ways they do that, even some of the ways being completely unknown to them, as in just not being aware, or that they happened after their passing as they continue to influence beyond the grave.

The first person that I thought of by seeing their name in this book was Abraham Lincoln. I saw this text: “Abraham Lincoln was a failure at everything he tried, until he was well past the age of forty. He was a Mr. Nobody from Nowhere, until a great experience came into his life, aroused the sleeping genius within his heart and brain, and gave the world one of its really great men.” It’s certainly an interesting way to look at someone so famous for so long.

Then I consider Think and Grow Rich as an influence. This book was first published in 1937 and there must be millions of copies of it in various forms in bookstores and all over the Internet. It has influenced so many millions of people all over the planet for well over 75 years and continues to be a great seller even today. So, that is a gigantic influence

But, I want to take this just one step further. Think and Grow Rich was inspired and nurtured by the great steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie, who was a mighty influence at the turn of the last century and also continues to influence millions of others through Napoleon Hill and in creating free libraries all over the country, along with many other influences too long to mention in detail.

Isn’t it interesting how one can influence another to greater heights than they even did themselves. Isn’t it interesting how we all influence one another in various ways and how past teachers, parents and mentors influence us each day.

We Are So Much More Connected Than We Think.

Spread Some Joy Today–Consider how you are uplifting and influencing others around you–and yourself within you.

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